Our Approach

Our Approach

Here at NGenius Gaming, we take a unique approach to the competitive gaming scene. We all grew up playing games with passion and love the thrill of competition. Talking with many fellow gamers, we have found that most believe that it's too hard to get into the competitive gaming scene, and that there is a severe lack of direction. Our tier based system, which we call "Squads", is designed to include everyone who is looking to get into the esports scene, and work their way up to the main stage. We give our players the tools and guidance to compete and win with purpose.

Our Story

Our Story

NGenius was founded on the belief that, when given the opportunity to compete, winners will rise to the occasion. We are a community of gamers who love to play, love to compete, and most of all, love to win.

As a brand new esports organization, we are focused on growing our practice and bringing talented players together. The path to greatness is long and winding, but we believe it's a journey worth taking.

Meet the Team


Brandon "Spike" Arndt

Founder & CEO


Jake "Smitty" Smidt

Brand Manager


Jacob "SetTopVox" Rodgers

Player Manager


Scott "TheMastermind" Cargile

Business Manager