As we gain more and more questions we will update this page to clear up any confusion. Let us know if you have any questions!

What are Squads?

Squads are a way for us to track player performance here at NGenius. The better a player performs, the higher their Squad ranking will be. A player's Squad placement is  directly correlated to their performance in game competitions (For example "Game Battles Rankings").

What are Squad Benefits?

Squad Benefits are valuable rewards that players receive for playing at a high level. They are tied directly to player rank in games they compete in as well as their tournament performance.

As players rank up and prove their skill, they earn Squad Benefits, such as paid entry to tournaments and paid travel. More information about the specific squad benefits will be released in the near future.

How does the organization communicate?

We primarily use our Discord server, where teams and players can chat, set up  matches, and get to know each other!


If I join NGenius Gaming, will I be paid?

Not right away. The path to paid play is a long one, rarely traveled. If you take a look at the current esports scene, there are only a handful of players and teams on the main stage, but tons of esports organizations popping up around the world.

But before you get discouraged, ask yourself the following question:

"Why not me?"

Somebody has to win, why not you? Somebody gets the opportunity to show their stuff, why not you?

Our ultimate goal is to put our NGenius Players on the main stage against esport's top teams. However, until our players are ready to compete at that level, they'll instead focus on improvement, and competing at an amateur and semi-professional level.

So I won't get a full salary quite yet...what DO I receive for competing for NGenius?

This is where Squads come into play! Depending on your Squad placement and performance, you will receive tons of valuable benefits. Possible benefits include:

  • Team jersey, hoodie, and other branded gear
  • Paid admission to tournaments and competitions
  • Gaming gear, such as headsets and controllers
  • Travel and hotel accommodations for out-of-state competition
  • Paid subscription services, such as PSN, XBL, and SwitchOnline

*Remember, the Squad Benefits that you receive depends on your rank and performance-- if you want better benefits, bring your 'A' game!


What kind of commitment does NGenius ask of it's players?

Just like with Squad Benefits, this depends on a player's Squad placement and performance. An easy rule of thumb is, the more Squad Benefits you receive, you more commitments you'll have to the team.

We're looking to hire players who want to give back to their communities and their teams. If contributing to the growth of the organization and the development of it's players is not your cup of tea, then NGenius Gaming is not the right esports organization for you.

We don't invest in players who aren't invested in us, plain and simple.


What kind of commitments might I have when I join NGenius?

Here are a list of possible commitments that you may have (depending on your Squad placement):

  • NGEN tag on gaming accounts
  • Regular practice (daily or weekly, depending on your Squad placement)
  • Team meeting (virtual or in-person)
  • Community events, such as casual tournaments, tech events, and volunteering opportunities
  • Regular gameplay streaming
  • Content creation for Youtube
  • Active presence on social accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Mentorship of lower tier NGenius players

*Don't freak out. You won't be asked to do all of these things. Some of these things will be required in order to receive your Squad Benefits (such as regular practice and the NGEN tag on your gaming accounts), but many of these things will be required of our highest Squad members, and not without compensation.