What are Squads?

Competitive gaming is a journey. Whether you're new to the esports world or a seasoned competitor, it takes hard work, dedication, and teamwork.

When you join NGenius Gaming, we will look at your rank and performance in the games you want to compete in and use that information to place you in a Squad. There are specific requirements that you must meet in order to qualify for a Squad and receive the Squad Benefits.

As you improve, your performance and rank are continually evaluated so we can ensure that you are being sent to the best competitions, and rewarded properly for your play. In other words, if you rank up and meet the requirements to be in Gold Squad, you'll be promoted and will immediately receive the Gold Squad Benefits.

Ultimately, if you're playing your game at a professional level, NGenius Games will put you on the main stage.

Check out the benefits of each Squad below!



Diamond Squad

The Big Leagues

Diamond Squad is the best of the best in NGenius Gaming. Get ready to go toe-to-toe with esports biggest names on the main stage.


Platinum Squad

The NGenius Elite

You're a world class player, and your rank/experience show it. Here, you'll be making a name for yourself.


Gold Squad

A force to be reckoned with

You've made waves in the local scene, and demand the respect of your peers and opponents alike.


Silver Squad

Champions in the making

You're a winner, and can handle yourself in even the fiercest competition. You're on the fast track to the big leagues!


Bronze Squad

Practice makes perfect

You have the heart and the skills to win--now it's time to show us your stuff.


Iron Squad

We are legion

Welcome to NGenius -- we're so happy to have you on board! Now it's time to dig deep and train hard so you can start snaggin' those W's in your local scene.

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